Hydrogen gas dissolution in water

Folks, the benefits of drinking enough water cannot be over-emphasized. They range from keeping you hydrated, healthy, and alert to supporting metabolism and all the body’s functions.

For ever-increasing water users, plain water is not enough, thanks to water companies that compete for their share in the market. Such companies promote their brands of alkaline, flavored, and now the latest kid in the market, hydrogen water.

Hydrogen water is gaining ground, and claims made by companies manufacturing hydrogen water bottles about dissolved hydrogen in water are our focus in this article. As the end-user, we bring you a simple, elaborate view of the facts you need to know before falling for the worthwhile hydrogen water hype.

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History of Hydrogen Water

While hydrogen water has been in the American market for about four years, it is not necessarily new. The Japanese have used it as part of their mainstay wellness culture for more than a decade.

Nicolas Perricone, a skin-care founder, and decorated dermatologist, introduced it to America to sell hydrogen water. Companies picked the business opportunity and are now the product, while others deal with machines that make hydrogen water from tap water.

How Hydrogen Dissolves in Water

Your ordinary water has two portions of hydrogen to one part of the oxygen ratio. Chemically put, every two hydrogen molecules tie themselves around one molecule of oxygen, hence the formula H2O.

Under normal atmospheric pressure and with a temperature of 250c, hydrogen has a maximum dissolution of 1600 PPB—ideally, the gas saturation in water balances to the same gas outside the water. To attain a dissolution above 1.6 PPB, hydrogen gas molecules are added to the water under pressure. This dissolution is done by a hydrogen water generator or hydrogen water bottle.

The quantity of gas dissolved in water depends on its temperature and pressure directly proportional. The solubility of the gas also depends on its physical and chemical qualities like size, affinity to water, and ability to separate in an electric field.

Dissolved hydrogen gas molecules create your hydrogen water added to ordinary drinking water. This addition results in less oxygen and more hydrogen in your water. The hydrogen water generator creates hydrogen-infused water in an electrolysis process.

During the process, the hydrogen atom splits from the oxygen atom in the water molecule. The electrolysis happens in a cell within the hydrogen generator. This device is helpful in commercial setups.

You can use the hydrogen water bottle in the comfort of your home. Fill your bottle with your ordinary tap water. You should activate the electrolysis process by pressing the button at the bottom side of your bottle. The hydrogen gas infuses into the water.

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Claims by Hydrogen Water Manufacturing Companies.

From the onset, hydrogen water is very beneficial to your health. These are not just empty claims, but they are factual. Manufacturing companies have made the following claims to promote hydrogen water and related products like generators and bottles.

That drinking hydrogen water gives you antioxidant benefits. And yes, this product contains antioxidants that prevent oxidative stress. This stress comes from industrial chemicals, normal body processes, and external forces like exposure to the sun.

Hydrogen water reduces muscle soreness and inflammation. This water also minimizes the chances of heart disease and life-threatening conditions. For the athletes, hydrogen water will manage your body against fatigue, enhance metabolism, and breathe life into your muscles. You will be refreshed and energetic at every event.

It creates more energy for athletic performance and enhances cellular activity in the body. While this claim is relatively correct, you may need to know that hydrogen water does not add excess calories to your body. It has zero carbohydrates, fats, protein, and calories. However, its vitamin and mineral content varies depending on its source and provider. In a bid to enhance its nutritional value over other brands, some manufacturers add vitamins and minerals. Such additives include Vitamin A and C, Magnesium Sulfate, Potassium, Calcium Carbonate, and Sodium Sulfate.

This water improves mood due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammation ability; hydrogen water improves your overall quality of life. Increased hydrogen improves the functions of the central nervous system anxiety, mood, and automatic function of the nerves.

Hydrogen water reduces the side effects of radiation therapy. The common side effects of radiation therapy include headaches, skin problems, nausea, hair loss, fatigue, and soreness of the treated part. Drinking hydrogen water has been proved to improve the quality of life for patients during treatment. Patients drinking regular water are poised to have serious effects compared to patients taking hydrogen water.

We associate with these benefits, urge you to use hydrogen water all the time, and be the brand ambassador.

The Downside of Hydrogen Water Dissolution.

We don’t want you to ride on the hype for hydrogen water and miss out on its downside as the end-user. You should have a balanced and realistic view of the product. We think that these issues may be of concern to you:

The high cost of hydrogen measuring devices is prohibitive. Hydrogen meters are expensive for users who need a one-off measurement of hydrogen levels in their water. The blue drops reagent option oxidizes easily and is not reliable for longevity purposes.

The inability for dissolved oxygen to last long in a plastic container. Hydrogen is the smallest molecule globally and is known to diffuse through plastic and other containers. Of all gases, its effusion rate is the highest. This quality makes your hydrogen water lose hydrogen even in sealed plastic containers.

The risk associated with high pressure is real. Since hydrogen diffuses under high pressure, you may experience leaks, broken devices, or explosions at worst. These are associated risks that users have reported.

The cost of hydrogen water. The cost of this product is fairly high across the Companies manufacturing hydrogen water bottles. But its benefits analysis is higher than the cost of the product.

You don’t have to worry about the hurdles of getting hydrogen water available to you because they are insignificant compared to the potential benefits. Using hydrogen water daily can potentially keep the doctor away.

Your Take Home

Since the benefits of hydrogen water are very true based on research, there is no better time for you to start enjoying its benefits than now. We recommend taking more of the high concentration models since you stand to reap high health dividends. Do the following:

Use hydrogen water generators since they are beneficial to you.

Drink more hydrogen water, especially higher hydrogen concentration brands.

It is okay to drink your ordinary water if hydrogen water is a mirage for obvious reasons. But get yourself to drink hydrogen water occasionally. You won’t regret the effort.

Don’t store hydrogen water open for prolonged periods. It will lose your much-needed hydrogen with time. Buy quantities that you can consume before long.

Check your hydrogen water bottle for leakages and breakages regularly.

If you choose the high concentration option, go for the reinforced design to accommodate high pressure. Its ability is due to its membrane support on the cathode and a thick Tritan plastic body accompanied by an airtight cap.

Hydrogen water is gaining pace in the mainstream American population. While manufacturing companies make huge claims about the product, its benefits are vast and profitable. We believe that you will act from the point of information as you tread confidently as the end-user. Folks, don’t forget your hydrogen water bottle.

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