How we Detect Fake reviews on Amazon

Here is one way we detect a fake review.
Fake reviews usually occur at product launch and sellers use friends and family to make a successful launch.

Using friends and family to manipulate sales and reviews is against Amazon’s Anti-manipulation policy:

We go to the first reviews, look up the reviewers names and match them to the owners friends.

First we need to find who is the owner of the business and find their Facebook profile.


Reviewer Amazon Profile

Reviewer Facebook Profile:

image 1


Another way is to look for suspicious activity such as too many video or photo reviews.

Let’s take the IONBOTTLES product for example.
What are the chances that 4 reviews in a row have videos in them? Pretty slim for what we know.
These are clearly incentivized which is against the Amazon’s policy.

image 2

Now you know that Amazon is not doing a great job at policing their policies.
When we make a claim about fake reviews on a product we have reviewed, we’ve done our due diligence.

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